Born in Pomona but bred in Altadena California, Che-Skizza (Che-Ski, Skizza, The Skeez, Skizza Roc) who’s dad was a DJ and mom a singer comes from an extensive musical background. Inspired by East & West Coast legends such as Rakim, Chill Rob G, MC Eiht, and King Tee, Che-Skizza began rapping in high school, teaming up with fellow Alta-Pasadena MC’s JBL and Mohk to form the group D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.  From producing to performing at talent shows, showcases, and rap battles around Southern California, it’s with Dilligaf that Skizza began to hone his craft and come into his own as an MC.

After leaving the group due to creative differences, Che-Skizza teamed up with fellow Altadena MC Coke (formerly of the group Madkap) and DJ Homicide (of Sugar Ray fame) to form The Colored Section. In 1998, The Colored Section released their debut album Bomb M.C. on 12-Inch RPM records. The album was received well critically, with the lead single Bomb M.C. making The Wake Up Show with Sway and Tech’s top 30 Hip-Hop Songs of all-time list! In addition to multiple Wake Up Show appearances, the group also performed with the likes of Goodie M.O.B., Big Pun, and Eminem to name a few.

The group disbanded after their debut album opening the door for Che-Skizza to pursue a solo career. In the midst of recording songs for his solo project, teamed up with fellow MC’s such as Kaos Brought, KB-Imean and others along with DJ Broadway to form The Executives who released two mix-tapes in the mid to late 2000’s.

In 2007, Skizza wrote the soundtrack for the film Gangsta Rap- the Glockumentary. The soundtrack, released on Delicious Vinyl, was well-received on Social Media, garnering over 35 million total YouTube views. In addition to writing this album, Che-Skizza was a ghostwriter for other artists, and was also hired as a comedy writer for both television and film.

Returning to his roots as an MC, Che-Skizza released his 1st Solo project 2000 Sumthin’ on March 28th 2017. West Coast leaning, but with style and lyricism, 2000 Sumthin’ (production from DJ Broadway, Apakalips, and Che-Skizza) is a Period Piece, capturing the essence of Hip-Hop circa the years 2000-2005. From gritty street tales and braggadocios rhyming, to songs about The Prison Industrial complex, the album covers a variety of topics, all delivered through Skizza’s powerful voice and different rhyme styles, patterns, and cadences.

Che-Skizza is a seasoned writer, rapper, performer, and Producer on a mission to deliver hardcore, lyrical, humorous and thought provoking Hip-Hop!